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    Seo Improvements Needed? Video Creation wanted? Copy Improvements for your website? We are here to assist.

Digital Marketing is an investment and we aim to get you a return on investment within a time frame that equals success.

Here are the services we offer to make that a reality.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization of your website or online property that will get you onto Google page one for the targeted keywords chosen.

PPC & Retargeting

Dominate your competition in the Serps by combining Retargeting Ads, Pay Per Click Marketing and Search engine Optimization.

Video Content

Creation of quality video content as educational & marketing content and, if requested, ranking it so it gets views.


Design and launch a website or make adjustments to your existing site, tuning toward better conversion.


An internal analysis of your Website, Business Goals, Rankings, and current Marketing Strategy Statistics.

  • Is Your Website Converting Traffic Into Buying Customers?

    SEO services that get you the traffic you need & a tune-up to your on-page sales copy to improve conversion.

This is why our clients set their expectations high

Increase Exposure:
Get found on the first page of the google search results. We get you ranked higher for the keywords important to you.

Worry Free Contracts:
Month-to-Month contracts. Expand the scope of the work or cancel with 30 days notice. If you are not getting the results then why should you stick around?

Done In-House:
All of of work is performed by our team. No outsourceing or black hat tactics. We create and build our links and strategy here at home.

Increase Revenue:
Watch your company grow in profit with a new stream of customer traffic, inquires, and higher conversion rates.

Weekly Reports:
We send ranking reports every week, and include updates of changes online so as to secure the rankings and traffic increase to your business.

Your Partner:
We are a small group of professionals and far from a faceless online organization. We are here to address any questions or concerns that you may have during the time we work together.

Better online search results means more TRAFFIC and more CUSTOMERS.

More Than 80% of Searches Never Go Past Page 1.

Because they find the Business they need

Are You on Page One?

There are a lot of SEO Agencies that offer to get you there.

But which SEO Agency can get the results that you want?

Search Engine Optimization Company


We get your website optimized for internet searches, on mobile and home devices, and create a linking strategy with keyword targets that best suit the services or products that you provide. All this work behind the scenes gets you found when customers do their online searches.

 Better position on the search engines.

Find out how DizzyWeb SEO can get you a return on investment for all the dollars you budget in your Digital Marketing plan.
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  • How do you find SEO’s that get you ranking results?

    Work with us. A Digital Marketing SEO Agency that knows how to deliver.

DizzyWeb is an Edmonton SEO company and Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in getting your business more visibility online by getting better ranking leading to more traffic and then, if necessary, tuning your website so that it better converts that new traffic into buying customers. We are a Digital Marketing Edmonton Search Marketer built to deliver results for every client we accept.

If your website is viewed as the authority in your business niche then sales and conversion become that much easier. We assist with the creation of video content, adjustment of on-page copy/content, website development, and Search engine optimization for you and your brand.

Become the authority in your business niche.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

And why do you need it?

Search Engine Optimization, when done correctly, is the most dependable and effective way to get a positive return on investment for almost all businesses that use Digital Marketing. It operates on the largest commercial platform ever created…the internet. We use it to get businesses, of every niche, more traffic and more opportunity for conversion into paying customers.

And this what you want isn’t it?

SEO is simply the task of optimizing an online property to rank it higher in the search engine results. We do that and we do it well. We get more traffic to your business as a result. Every business needs to get their message in front of their potential customers and the organic search results of the major search engines are the most efficient and trackable method for any business to use in their Digital Marketing campaign. Today that smartphone in everyone’s hand has replaced the phone book, and people are turning to local online searches to find businesses in their area that can meet their needs. Edmonton SEO & Kelowna SEO Services.

Find The Right Digital Marketing SEO For YOU

A Few Tips to Help

Size of Your Company

Your Company Size: Search Engine Optimization is NOT the same for all businesses, an Edmonton SEO one-size-fits-all doesn’t fit, and we understand this. Your business and Brand have to use the marketing strategies that are right for you. Standing out in your niche is important or your content gets lost and your pages not found by potential customers. Make sure the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company you choose offers different price points for different sized businesses.

Specific Key Word Optimization:

Your website gets ranked better and you get found easier when the search engine spiders can effectively match your optimized keywords to the searches of your potential costumers. At DizzyWeb Edmonton SEO your content is analyzed, then your keywords optimized, and then alternative keywords suggested to increase your page rank. An analysis report detailing how the right keywords will increase your traffic is included.

The clock is always ticking…Time to move.

Your niche is filled with competitors who are already trying to climb to the Google front pages. This is why time is always of the essence in search marketing. An SEO company needs to deliver professional work within a specified time frame. Saving your time without you having to hold their hand and each step. DizzyWeb SEO goes to work immediately, focusing on improving your website page rank, so you can focus on projects to grow your business and closing your new traffic leads.

Paying for Quality Service

It takes time, effort, and knowledge for a search engine optimization company to develop a strategy and then find high-ranking keywords with decent traffic yet low competition. The professional Search Engine Optimization (Edmonton seo) experts charge a reasonable price for their exceptional service and stand behind their work when delivered.

Developing Linking Strategies

A solid SEO company will execute a planned linking strategy, with both reciprocal and one-way links, and they should have a clear understanding of the importance of these parameters are to search engines. It is one thing to rank high for certain keywords, it is another altogether to have a solid linking strategy in place. Your SEO company will not only perform a detailed analysis of the linking structure within your website, they will show you exactly how they plan to improve upon it.

Understanding the End Game

When you first begin working with a professional in search engine optimization, they should be able to explain how they will increase the exposure to your website by getting you top rankings at Google. Which strategies will be the best fit for your organization and will drive more targeted customers to your products and services.

Keep these tips in mind and your search for an affordable, professional, and efficient Candidate will be that much easier.

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