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Quality Site Base: Is a concept created by the fellows at OMG Machines. Spearheaded by Joshua Flethcherm, the idea is that members of the OMG community, which is collectively built by a group of Search Engine Specialists both student and teacher, will share, sell or exchange links with one another. Makes sense to us since we know that other OMG’ers are most likely to be building quality sites and links if they are following and executing on the training they recieve. DizzyWeb SEO is happy to participate in the concept.

We continue to grow our network of sites and improve the quality as we go. We don’t have a network dedicated for all off the many niche’s that exist, and thats why the SEO community can help each other. We have relationships with other web designers, Seo’s, and bloggers with content and sites in many different niches.

Special thanks to Fletch and the Omg community for sharing the Quality Site Base idea.

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