DizzyWeb SEO – Client Sample 3

Bitcoin Crypto Consulting is an initiative that is focused on a sound money for the economic future, and they wanted to get a head start.


The BTC Consulting Crew recognized early on that the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency craze was just beginning, but that it was starting to attract a lot of people who were just not very familiar with security and the idea’s behind the Bitcoin concept that made it truly valuable. This left people open to a lot of potential harm. Bitcoin Crypto Consulting was formed to educate people how they might navigate the turbinate waters of a very exciting concept.


DizzyWeb SEO was brought into design and build several pages of their new website. The whole concept was based around educating beginners about some of the fundamentals of Bitcoin. As well as point people to a few resources that would help them secure their money.

Image Design

The team at DizzyWeb SEO was tasked with the design and production of several custom images for the bitcoin website.

Website Design

Bitcoin Consulting needed a flowing website that had a few different type of pages with both interactive & educational features. DizzyWeb SEO assisted with the design and execution, setting up several templates that the Bitcoin team could start with.

SEO Ranking

Like most new websites, ongoing SEO work was required. The Bitcoin Crypto Consulting project has just begun the journey of organic ranking and DizzyWeb SEO is playing a major role behind the scenes.