DizzyWeb SEO – Client Sample 1

As a brand new website, YesChiropractor knew that they needed to get some people looking at their website when they launched. They came to Dizzyweb SEO for their Search Engine Optimization and marketing needs, and we ended up helping them transform their concept from an idea into a successfully website that connect people in their existing network.


The Concept was simple. As a group of chiropractors they knew that people are most likely to visit a professional that is within a 10km radius of them. As chiropractors they knew many others who had been trained in their skill set but lived in different parts of the country, and they also know that not all practitioners are created equal, so they wanted to refer people to the best. But know how to build a website is one thing, and knowing how to get people to find it is another, and thats where DizzyWeb SEO came in.


Yes Chiropractors website , designed by DizzyWeb, was made to reflect the simplicity of the concept. Get people connected to peer reviewed trusted care in the city they are in, and do it with out all the bells and whistles attached to some forms of marketing.


Logo Design

DizzyWeb was tasked with creating Logo’s and Brand Imaging for the Concept

Website Design

Website Design and creation was asked for but also requested to be kept simple and user friendly.

SEO Ranking

Keyword planning and SEO ranking on an ongoing basis was also contracted and is an ongoing component for such a new website.