DizzyWeb SEO – Client Sample 5

Salus Defense is a company that is making the lives of people better by giving them a tool by which people are empowered to improve their health. Structured Silver is that tool and we help Salus Defense spread the awareness of exactly what structured silver is and how it can help.

The Brand

Salus Defense was an established brand with a growing market share that ran into a few difficulties. Thats when they reached out to Dizzyweb SEO for some assistance in reformatting their vision, culture and marketing campaign.

The Website

Their website and social media properties looked good and were able to convert some of the leads that came their way through paid ads and organic traffic. However, the volume wasn’t scaling and they needed some idea’s to move them forward into a wider and more sustainable target market suitable for their niche product. They needed to do so while actively accumulating analytics date on their success and failures.

Google Ads

DizzyWeb came on board to assist with the management of the Google Paid Ads campaigns, search Console and google analytics data. This gave the management team a better understanding of where their present and future marketing opportunities lay.

Copy & Content

DizzyWeb also assisted in the creation of Video content and copy for the new Ads and marketing angles that Salus had not been taking advantage of in their market.

SEO Ranking

Organic traffic was also lacking for the Salus corporate site, so Dizzyweb was contracted to improve the rankings for several keywords important to the structured silver product niche.