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A Digital Marketing Agency focused on driving people to your business by making you the authority in your Local Niche

We specialize in Search Engine Optimization. Our Local SEO Services are able to successfully rank your website for its target keywords.

Good SEO means MORE Traffic

And maybe that is all your Business needs…

But SEO is only one of many steps in an advanced Digital Marketing program.  We execute website optimization/development, a linking strategy relevant to your niche, content creation, analytics, video production & more.

Wherever you are in your Marketing process we can assist by executing all 7 steps to build an Authority Site or isolate only those steps you have not yet completed.


Step 1: An internal analysis of your Website, Business Goals, Rankings, and current Marketing Strategy Statistics.


Step 2: Design and launch a website or make adjustments to your existing site, tuning toward better conversion.

SEO – On & Off Page

Step 3: Search Engine Optimization of your website with the creation and execution of a linking strategy that will get you onto Google page one for the targeted keywords chosen.


Step 4: Creation of quality video content as educational & marketing content and, if requested, ranking it so it gets views.


Step 5: Creation of optimized branded social profile’s that establish a Social Fortress around your online business.


More often then not our SEO Services are enough, but if you really want to dominate your competition in the Serps we can create Retargeting ads & a PPC campaign with google.

Digital Marketing Agency


We know you are doing good work that satisfies the needs and expectations of your customers, but sometimes even the best business can get an angry review from a belligerent patron or the competition.
We clean up this mess so that that negative spin isn’t interfering with your ability to attract clicks to your website.. We also can assist in the undoing of any past SEO mistakes that may have got you on Googles naughty list.

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Seo Consultant and Digital Marketing Agency with your internet Reputation
Digital Marketing and website development, local seo services

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  • We understand that having more quality traffic can mean more sales

    Is your Website Converting?

    We can’t answer the phone for you, but we can help you with website content that has the people that visit your site take action when they get there.

A Digital Marketing Agency that understands where the rubber meets the road for your business….. more buying customers.

By optimizing your website SEO and Digital Marketing Campaign you are assured to get new leads and traffic calling in for your business services.

Quality SEO Services are a valuable part of our process and higher rankings do not happen overnight.


You are paying for results and with DizzyWeb SEO you will get them. We concentrate  our efforts in the Local Markets of Edmonton, Alberta & Kelowna, BC but can work with you wherever you are located.

The cost and the time it takes to put you on page one are contingent on the circumstances particular to your business.

  • How competitive are the keywords you are looking to rank for? Are they Local, National, or Global?

  • Is your Brand established or gaining momentum?

  • What niche is your business competing in?

  • How large is your website? Multiple locations?

  • Have you already generated good Video Content or initiated retargeting ads on Google?

  • Etc…

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