DizzyWeb SEO – Client Sample 4

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Everybody has feet (well, almost everybody) and the consulting team at Orthotic Solution does their best to match people up with the right products for their medical plan, that gets people walking with good stride.


Looking to expand their business that was based almost 100% on referrals, the Orthotic Solutions group started to look into how they might better build their online presence. DizzyWeb was called to flesh out the online strategy, which is now just taking effect.


An entirely new replacement website was needed. The old site was good if you liked websites made in 1995. On a series of keywords to build a target audience to the set was needed.

Keyword Planning

DizzyWeb SEO was brought in to assist with planning the marketing strategy for the product launch. Keywords, PPC, Re-marketing Targets and dates of deployment were consulted upon.

Graphic Design

Orthotic Solutions needed a series of new art work and graphics done for on site and off site materials. Logo and image for paper products. DizzyWeb provided several.

SEO Ranking

DizzyWeb is now newly deployed to administrate the SEO ranking of the website as it is further developed by the Orthotics team.