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Kelowna SEO & Ecommerce Analyst for 2018

Kelowna businesses are in a unique position that makes a strong web presence even more powerful than usual.

Situated in the heart of the Okanogan valley, Kelowna attracts a large volume of tourists over the summer months almost doubling its population for a third of the year. This means extra on-line searches in the ten of thousands throughout these peak periods. Searches made by customers who are less familiar with the local business landscape and not predisposed to an established routine that will take them to the same places.

This reality creates a powerful opportunity for local business owners to position their services or products in front of customers who need something: haircuts, rentals, beach towels, medical supplies, plumbers and everything else, and who are relying heavily on internet searches to find these things in an unfamiliar city.

Search engine optimization is a must for a modern day business marketing strategy. The process of optimizing your website to rank well within the search engine result pages is a needed focus because a majority of consumers in today’s marketplace actively use the search engines in order to find products and/or services that they want to purchase. Are you are actively looking for ways to increase the visibility of your brand and business? The best way to do this online is with solid linking strategy.

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Your local business competes with other businesses offering the same products or services with your geographic area. How far do you need your reach to be? Are you selling a product specific to the Kelowna area? Or perhaps a service that only need to attract people from a ten kilometer radius? Maybe you are located in Kelowna but want a national or international customer base?

Either way, we can help. We take clients from all over the country but like to keep our focus to the business climates in which we are most familiar. Having a familiarity with the landscape in which your business operates can be useful for many reasons. This is why we have picked Kelowna British Columbia as one of our two main service area’s.

It is very simple to get started right away.

We specialize in Search Engine Optimization for your existing business website. Getting your sight ranking higher in the search results with the top of page one being the target.

For those of you selling products online, E-Commerce client consulting is another element of our service. We will assist in making your pages convert traffic into sales whether you are selling in Kelowna only or into the broader market.

What we do is similar if you are in either Kelowna or Edmonton or anywhere else, but we do like to focus on the places that we are at. Click below to find out more about our services or just go straight to our discover form to get started.

Ecommerce Client Consulting

Clicks over Bricks. Since 2015 the brick and mortar retail industry has accelerated its transition to online sales. “Black Friday” sale reports in the previous three years have shown that online sales for merchants have outpaced the instore sales. Is there anyone reading this who believes that the trend will reverse? Now, more than ever, positioning your product or services for sales conversion online is critical to financial survival. There are many simple techniques that should be introduced to your online store; do you know them, how valuable they can be, or how to implement them? If knowing a few simple rules is the difference between the success or failure of your company then how valuable are they?

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